(I) Future Development
The company plans to use an OLED electron transport material called Bis (10-hydroxybenzo [h] quinolinato) beryllium (BeBq2). At present, the prices sold by related industries in Taiwan are generally high, and they have lower competitiveness than the huge market in mainland China. Through the implementation of this plan, the cost of materials and selling prices will be reduced, so as to increase the visibility of Taiwan's private brands and international competitiveness and can help reduce the cost of the OLED industry.

(II) Innovation focus
1.kilogram batch process
2. The BeBq2 material to be mass-produced has better electron movement rate
3. The BeBq2 material to be mass-produced has a high glass transition temperature, which can avoid the material from decaying      in use.

(III) Development advantages
1. Reduce the cost of OLED components
2. Reduce the cost of BeBq2 electron transport materials
3. Kilogram production
4. Expected to become one of the company's mass-produced products
5. Improve the company's international visibility and competitiveness
6. Improve the ability of employees to master batch process